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I've used on the past and was pretty satisfied with them. I didn't have an issue where my card was charged for no apparent reason. Unfortunately, this is not true for Kasamba. I used a clairvoyant's services at $1.99 per minute... We chatted for 1 minute the first time and 11 minutes the second. For some reason I got a ridiculous charge of almost $80 on top of the payments I made for the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Kasamba
  • Jan 29
  • #779768

Took money off my card without permission Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Kasamba
  • Jan 29
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Took 35$ off my card.. Add comment

I'll be straight up with you, any website that claims that they give great psychic readings/spell castings are fake! On that note it's not necessarily the psychics fault, it is the companies. Kasamba has psychic readers, astrology readers, psychics who say they also work with magic. Now, I will say, that of the few readings I got, overall 85% of them gave me the same type of info, in their own... Read more

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I have tried every way I know of to stop the emails from Kasamba but they keep coming. I click on the unsubscribe at the bottom of the email and it just takes me to their home page. I searched the site for an unsubscribe link and couldn't find one. I did fill out a support form and marked Kasamba as junk mail but Im still getting emails. Urghhhh! I know I could just delete them but they come... Read more

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This company is a scam. They said one price and charged a totally different price. First I had a charge for $5.99 and then another for $189.50. I'm outraged and have already called to complain. I want my money refunded and will be going to the bank first thing in the morning to make a complaint about fraudulent charges on my account. Add comment

I just had about 3 readings done with psychics on this website about insecurities I was having about my husbands loyalty to me. And, when I confronted him about what they said he did. OMG, I could see the fire in his eyes. He did NOT do any of the things they said he did. He's never even been to the place they said he was at and never been with another girl besides me. I am frustrated they took... Read more

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I checked out Kasamba as they had a special deal going of around $1 per minute. I tested it, and stayed on for 22 minutes before realising it wasn't worth it - but wasn't too bothered as it only charged my credit card around $30 (fair enough). But then a week later my credit card was charged over $500. For that exact same session. I emailed them and they did not acknowledge the offer on their... Read more

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  • Kasamba
  • Oct 03, 2015
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you turn my wife against me and took all her money,broke up a family and kids with ur bs reading, this i promise u will pay for the destruction u have cause us Add comment

I have found that most psychics are not real on Kasamba. And many will happily take your money while lying to you. Be careful of anyone that tells you there is a spell or curse that needs to be removed. That is a lie. They will create trust first and then bring that up. I was a victim of it. Honest Insight by Gloria did that to me. She is a gypsy with no psychic ability ripping off people. Report... Read more

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