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I think alot of people call on psychics for love advice...After a messy break up, I talked to a hand full of experts on Kasamba / live person. They all predicted that I would get back together with my ex. Two years later, and far from the truth, I can honestly say that these predictions are not coming true. Unfortunately these things can get your hopes up, and waste alot of your time. The best thing to do when you are upset about love or money,is to give it some time, and watch everything work itself out . Secondly, I felt that inorder to give a review on each psychic, I must wait for the predictions to come true. Alot of the time they would give time frames, and they were usually a few months ahead. Well, when you go back to write a review, you can't. After a month, there is no longer an option to write a review. So most reviews are based on not really knowing if the expert was accurate.

I think it is a huge waste of money, and looking back, I can think of so many better ways to spend my money, and so many better ways to feel better about a situation.

I'm not really mad, only sad that I spent thousands of dollars.....was a HUGE waste, to talk to people that really don't know the future anymore than I do.

Review about: Kasamba Psychic Reading.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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It's a terrible site, nobody is screened, you get psychics there with a terrible command of English language, are about 60% accurate and tell you what you want to hear,basically they are mostly frauds if you don't see reviews on healing and spell work then they may well be fraudlent on that side to fill up their pockets.

Some are quite rude and unethical.

A lot of them are men posing as women and they target vulnerable women who are emotionally low and take advantage of their misfortunes.

Their customer service is appalling.

Years ago they took over www.Kasamba.com a company based in Israel and it already had a bad reputation back then and nothing absulutely changed with liveperson. The number of decent psychics on this site who are the real deal are few and far in between.

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