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Sonya Starr Angel did a love spell that worked faster than i could believe. I love Sonya and will be inviting her to my wedding late this year.

Could not have survived the last 6 months without her support. Her psychic readings give me goosebumps.


Product or Service Mentioned: Kasamba Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Mar 03, 2017.
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Any updates on the success of your spell anonymous?? I'm thinking about getting one but would love to hear a first hand story!

to Anonymous #1405544


Yes definitely a story.

So I got the triple casting from Sonya Starr back in February .. and it was for someone that I now realize was terribly wrong for me. The triple casting was done for me to speed up results .. like have a sign within a couple of weeks a turning point in the next and the full results within a couple of months etc.

want to say the spell worked, but fate has its own way of bringing people together . For so long I was adamant and devastated to getting my ex back.. but when Sonya helped me out with this love spell, I actually met someone else within the next month .. who ended up being the person I was looking for all this time.

When I look back at it I’m still shocked, she casted the spell back in February, and I encountered the love of my life in March- he literally seemed me out through mutual friends of friends. And from the moment we met- he was everything I ever wanted in a man but more. I couldn’t believe how effective Sonya’s spell was . Though It is crazy because I spent over a year devastated and heartbroken over my ex who I wanted back so bad, and seeked Sonya’s advice for that .

My intentions for the love spell were to bring my ex back.. but even Sonya agreed that the universe has a crazy way of working things out. I can say that I am so much happier today than I would have been with my ex, and now I am in a long term relationship with someone who I know was made for me. Sonya is really worth your time.

Everything that she has predicted to me has fallen into place, and all her work is genuine and you will see that things work out ! What I do want to say is that yes her spells do work- but they won’t bring someone forcefully back into your life. You will find your path .

And if you do decide to do the love spell- it will be for someone that is truly meant to be in your story. Hope this helps !

to Anonymous1 #1409566

That is great!! I am happy for you!

Did Sonya predict any of this happening for you? Thanks for your post, it is always nice to hear other people's stories when you are spending quite a bit of money lol.

to Anonymous1 #1431981

Hi :) this is such a great story! When you were wanting to get the spell done for your ex to come up did she tell you that it might not work? (With him anyway?)- she in fact a great advisor, the best one in Kasamba


How long did spell take to work? I

She'd did one for me last month but nothing happened ..got triple casting really hope it does but haven't heard from him in a month ... she's really nice and kind though Snd accurate most of time but this waiting sucks right now just hope things change

to Anonymous #1299158

I did the double and it took 5 months, but it worked in the end. I'm engaged now, which is what I asked for.

Before the spell we were not talking. Sonya is a sweet lady for sure.

Hope ur spell works for u, magic is tricky but if there is any chance of it working I bet she can be the one to help. I wanted her to curse my future MIL to keep away but sonya wouldn't do it, so I feel she is real even though I wish she did dark spells 2.

to Babysweets1 #1299199

Thanks ! I'm glad your spell worked for you .

I guess I'm just being impatient I know it doesn't work overnight but I guess because it's been so long that I've heard from him it makes me so anxious. But I have more hope now I just need to give it more time. Sonya has really good karma , so you're right she will not do any dark spells.

I'll give this more time. So far everything she's predicted has manifested for me, just the person in question is stubborn :(

to Anonymous #1359410

Any updates on your spell having success?

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