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Update by user Feb 23, 2014

And today I checked the page of the "expert" and had a totally different picture again.

Original review posted by user Feb 16, 2014

I have used this "expert" because on the profile says that this particular person specializes in remote viewing and ok it goes as follows: At first the "expert" seemed accurate but I wanted some proof to go and see for myself so I did not rate straight away and I run out of funds but contacted straight away after a matter of seconds and the "expert" says "Dear" you have to rate all sessions and I was blunt in saying that I need to conduct my research and promised that I would rate once I had an opportunity to do so.

And 2 days later I had some evidence about what was discussed in the reading however the work was not complete but as the deadline to give a rating was approaching I decided to give it a 4 star and justified why I did it, I can not give away 5 stars without proof and the regret if the details given turned out to be incorrect.

I contacted this "expert" a month later and I was told a totally different story, then she went on about my love life which I have not even asked in the first place and went on and on about it for about half an hour, so I just had to stop the session because all this "expert" wanted was nothing but my money which is very disrespectful.

I left no rating this time as I did not know what to think or believe because I am not of of those people who goes in great lengths to destroy another person's reputation or business.

However until I can prove otherwise it will take time but I have no reason to believe that what I was told is true or false.

I have also read reviews about this "expert" saying oh I've contacted "her" for remote viewing in regards of a missing friend and she told us nothing just rambled or I contacted "her" about my career and she just went on and on about my love life.

This expert previously had a picture of an European woman and now has a picture of an Asian woman someone who looks totally different the regular customers of this expert will notice and this is something very fishy don't you think, I have read on other sites that most psychics there are frauds tell you want you want to hear, are men posing as women and often are from non English speaking countries or are not native speakers of English.

straight after that I contacted another so called expert "Readings by Marianna" which is another scam artist claiming that "her" intuitions never fail.

Well I can tell that some of the details provided weren't 100% correct or not quiet as described in the session and I have hard proof from the information I collected.

Apparently both "experts" I mentioned on here are both male posing as females to attract vulnerable, depressed ladies and some men too.

At least on Oranum you can see the psychics face to face via video chat which is brilliant and you can see exactly what they are doing the only problem is the misleading advertising saying that they answer you questions free of charge which is not true you need to take them private to know your answers but you can have a feel for free to see if you like the style of the psychic and if you do go ahead and go private.

Review about: Kasamba Psychic Reading.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Of course it wasn't accurate, because these are all fakes! Don't you know this is all BS? Watch some youtube on James Randi or do some reading on randi.org, and then wake up.

to Anonymous #1172331

I am booboo posting as anonymous because I forgot my password.

Hello and thank you for your comment.

If you look at the date this was posted way back in Feb 2014

And happened in mid 2013 when I was at my lowest.

LOL what this "reader" said couldn't be further from the truth.

LOL since then I have done some research and I did watch James Randi videos on YT. For you to tell me to "wake up" I am guessing you too have been in a similar situation otherwise you wouldn't tell me this LOL.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #961732

"But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone..." - Matthew 24:36

Not even the Son (Jesus) know the day nor the hour. There are things that even Jesus does not know let alone a money grab psychic of spiritually ill-repute.

For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.

- Ecclesiastes 9:5.

When one attempts to contact the dead he is opening him/herself up to converse with the Devil.


The only reason psychics exist is to steal money from people dumb enough to believe in them. There is no such thing as a real psychic.

You deserve to lose all your money if you're gullible enough to think anyone charging money to tell you things you want to hear and practice cold reading on you.

Your future isn't predestined for you, only you can make the outcomes of your life favorable. No one can tell you what will happen.

to Anonymous #958853

Wow blimey, you're harsh however I couldn't agree more with you on the last two paragraphs.


They all tell stories on Kasamba. One told me my ex will never come back.

One told me he will. One told he was with two other women. One told me he'll always have a deep connection. In other words all the stories were bull ***.

We both have busy schedules, we still remain in contact and spend time with each other when we can. We communicate with each other on a daily basis. So always remember when you deal with psychics, you are at your own risk. Remeber people can feed off of someone emotions and desperation.

You have to be to smarter one, and make the right choices for you. No psychic can determine your future, only you, and they definitely cant predict the outcome of any relationship your in.


I agree with the review below, Zuri on Kasamba is VERY rude. I Wouldn't waste time with this reader.

I asked her what she saw between me and a guy and she refused to read for me because she said I was "testing" her. I wasn't testing anyone, I really wanted to know what the future held for us.

She obviously is not confident in her readings, likely needs alot of information before she can retell you everything you just told her

to Ocean21 Crawley, England, United Kingdom #830283

Well, asking a psychic what does she see for you and a guy is a reasonable question, in fact one of the most common ones and most honest psychics will not ask you any questions other than his name and DOB if that. they shouldn't ask you like: how have you met him, how long have you been with him etc, etc.

If she could not connect with you then she should simply say: I am sorry but I cannot connect with you, please find another expert.

You are right she's either not confident in her readings or could not pick up on you and wanted you to tell her more to feed the answer back to you.

Anyway good luck with everything!


I never knew this type of service existed. Cool.

But I'm confused... is this a review (complaint) of the website(s) or of a particular person?

I don't see where the "Experts" are named directly. How would I know whom to avoid?

Regardless, thanks for the heads-up!

to shb Crawley, England, United Kingdom #785656

Hello shb,

I am glad to see you are doing some research before you waste your time and hard earning money so that's a good start :)

This time I am reviewing a particular person I also have my own complaints about the site written here look for kasamba or LivePerson reviews and you'll find my ones and other people's too.

I had sessions with several of them I cannot recall them all in a particular order.

Apparently they have a group secret on yahoo where some, only some share readings with others to amaze you with "high accuracy"

Avoid: Spiritual Master psychic- Scam artist male posing as a woman. Readings by Marianna- Rude, unethical male tries to rule your life and bombards you with mails all the time.

Honest Readings by Maryia - liar and scammer once she gets your money never responds to you again live or email clairvoyant Candy barr (I think)-had a hard time with this one once 2 years ago and was rude still unsure of what she said, it was my first and last session. Love relassionship consults- honest but way too slow typer. Psychic Mother- Half true, half liar read the reviews some dangerous ones there from others. Destiny teller- only tells you what you want to hear.

Zuri- is rude I was once very sad and depressed and she was aggressive demanding me for information to then feed them back to me. Spiritual Perspective- bombards you with mails all the time wants money. Astro Deep- Though one or two details were more or less correct things did not happen anywhere near the time frame given and according to the information I have it wasn't the way she described. The good ones I can remember are: Joelle, Akashik records, Ask Missy, Psychic Hannah (she'll tell you less than a minute if she can't connect), PAT the angel mesanger, Soul Truth, Brittanys theta blessings, Yula Kelly Master psychic,Psychic Madam Zara,Mystical guidance, Valerie psychic, Julia Angel,Spiritual Advisor Allyson, Valdene Love, Rhelp, HollyPsychic (she really is a celebrity psychic on psychic today Tv channel.

These really are honest and did not tell me what I wanted to hear, don't provide services like "reunite lovers in seconds" though Brittany does a good job as a theta healer, they told me things I never spoken to anyone before and even said things about my neighbours like initials and situations. Neutral: Readings by bethany,psychic Xeena, Dee Clare,Love psychic Delphi, True love psychic, Alicia, psychic mystic stephanie, Aqua Marine,psychic mom, Lovee_reader,Ask Cristina, advisor by Jenny,Lovers reunited magically, intuitive consolur, Spiritual divini service, Genuine Love readings, Angels Protection, Advisor Star. I put these as neutral 'cause I am not sure and they weren't outstanding in my experience. I never had readings with Love readings by Salina but I suspect this "expert" is the same as Readings by Marianna because of the similar writing and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration however this "Salina" provides other services like tarot and "Marianna" takes time in connecting as a psychic which normally is straight away not a minute or whatever so I suspect she checks the cards.

If you ever need healing please find the appropriate expert in this field as psychics who claim to do this can be scams (some of them) to fill their pockets unless otherwise recommended by a personal friend who has experience and knows that is not a scam. The same with spells and magic and you can simply go to a new age shop or go online and purchase a spells, pray and act on it. I had a long and hard experience so I got to know the industry inside out. If you ever wanna sue them you can but companies like these have their rights protected by stating that readings are for entertainment purposes only or say that not everything can be 100% correct, true if it's a minor thing or two but how would you feel if you were lead to believe that the every next person you are gonna meet is the one and three months down the line you end with a massive argument?

Not good. Again, I can only speak for myself and you can see other reviews so good luck :)

to boooboo Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1178182

I used Kasamba allot over a year and found it be just ok. With a couple of exceptions I stuck to only readers who charged $1.99 a minute.

Some of the ones who turned out to be false in terms of their predictions were Psychic Deon (who appears to no longer on the site) Mrs Storms who gave me predictions re a love connection with a woman in May of this year and a date in June of this year but it didn't come to pass. I had one named Love Psychic 09 who also is no longer on site. She tried to sell me on a spiritual blockage treatment to bring a lover back to me as she was quote "having sex dreams of me" and wanted me back bad. I smelled a scam so I blocked her.

I even had one named Psychic Mom who told a ton of graphic sexual stuff about a girl from my past and how she was masturbating to thoughts of me and her making love etc.

It was quite strange. As if yer I can't think of any predictions they made that actually came true.

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