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I had a reading carried out by Vibrant Spirit when it used to be with Live Person after going through ratings which seemed a genuine person. He initially gave me a reading and prediction on a time scale when things were to happen in June 2013, obviously this did not happen so I had contacted him again in July 2013 to have a look at things for me, which he then asked me to contact him after 30 minutes, his rate went up from USD$1.99/Min to USD$20.00/Min, during that session he said we needed to clear negative energy and it will not take long, during the session he was asking me to do prays and other things like you have to type these words on line with difficult wordings, 9 times, almost taking 15-20 minutes to type, which didn't make any sense, then he pretends he is doing prays for me. I was surprised that the session did not end as I did not have much funds added as it had been nearly 40 minutes, my credit would have gone over. During the session after a long time I questioned him when will this end, he kept on saying close your eyes for another 5 minutes and pray to almighty god, not long to go now and on and on and on. After the session, money got deducted straight from my debit card over 800.00$USD which I wasn't aware that this was happening. How is this possible? I complained to him.

Vibrant Spirit kept on contacting me to give an update, one stage he said he felt very upset as I did not respond which I wasn't happy but he did the same thing again after convincing me it had to be done again, quick update then to contact him in next 25minutes he had to light candles, the rate changes from USD$2.99/Min to $20.00/Min and saying we needed to remove negative energy again and contact your soul mate, a load of B***S***, during this session, he would ask me to close my eyes for 10 Minutes think about almighty god, then after type complex prays which takes another 20 minutes to type, same again, when I had asked him how long will this take, he said it will be a short session which added another 800.00US$, but he assured me that this will be the last one, and his work was guaranteed, he then pressured me in contacting him again that he needed to finish the prays by contacting with my Aura and, again, rinsed me with more funds by making me do EXACTLY same prays again, closing my eyes for 8 minutes, then type long winded words on line wasting time, and after the session money got deducted straight from my bank account. This went on with couple more sessions after.

This has amounted to over USD$46000.00 plus, I've contacted him for a refund as he assured me that if his work did not work, he will fully refund everything. I was contacted by him directly after 10 days as he claimed he had an update, which I explained nothing of the sort has happened, which he gave me rubbish story and to reconnect with him after 25 minutes. As I went back after 25 minutes his rate went to USD$20.00 per minute but I did not bother contacting him as I realised he has taken me for a mug. I sent him an email explaining that I was not happy and wanted all sessions refunded or otherwise I will go Customer Service and the public to make a complaint, he gave me more *** by saying he will ensure his work will work, and he will finish the job and that he is still doing the work clearing negative energy (how am I supposed to see this), I also explained that his actions were unreasonable and the work he said needed to be carried out, were un-necessary and the fact that he had taken full advantage of me, I explained even I don't earn 20.00$ USD per hour.

Three months later he had contacted me on 3 November 2013, I've been scared that he will do bad spiritual things and take me for a ride which I did not respond, by not responding he had endorsed my account as 'Service is Cancelled'. I contacted him by email on the 17th November 2013 and asked him for my refund which he promised in one of his email and not had a reply. I eventually received a reply and he told me to be patient and wait a bit longer things will go positive for you.

The other thing he mentioned as I questioned as to why he was charging me *** rate which I haven't agreed compared to his other customers, he gave complete lies that these were Live Person charges. I kept on telling him, all I needed was a reading for an update and not for him to do any spiritual work, in this case what spiritual work.

I was not aware of online and offline session. The difference between the two, you have to add funds on to the account with the online, with the off line somehow he has direct access to debit card details and can draw money while the session is active if this make sense!

I contacted the psychic on line for an update and twice he has cut me off at 4 minutes by telling me that he had cleared all the bad Karma but it has come back again and to re-connect with him (off-line) to *** me again. This *** man is crafty and is aware that any session less than 5 minutes cannot leave a rating to the public. I was attempting to do this by warning others; I think he already knew that this was my intention. He is very sly. When you go on to his review all you will see is 5 star rating, some have managed to leave warnings, I’m sure there are others who are trying to catch him and warn others also, the Service Centre has not done anything to sort this out or prevent this fraudster cheating people.

This *** man makes up stories and gives false hopes needs to be stopped and actions taken against him. I've sent him an email on 1 June 2014 and he has still not replied.

The Fraud team are looking for MORE people to come forward. Please don't feel embarrassed by reporting your story to Action Fraud or Crime Stoppers, they don’t need to know other details, so that they can stop this *** man online internet scam and have him prosecuted.

I hope you act in good faith

All the best of luck and god bless!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kasamba Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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He tried to do the same on Kasamba to me, 400.00 for "cleansing of negitivity" HA!

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